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  1. Boronia Manufacturing Plant Rooftop Extension
    Boronia Manufacturing Plant Rooftop Extension
    Barra Steel was recently contracted to shop draw, fabricate and erect a huge new plant platform on top of an existing building. We spent a considerable amount of time working in the existing roof space preparing the existing structure to take the huge load that was to set onto it and then over a weekend the structure was erected with a 220 tonne crane. A problem occurred when some of the columns, due to a survey error had to be rushed back to Barra’s premises and altered which took until 11pm on a Saturday evening, which is just one of the reasons why this particular client has such a great association with our company - because we always go the extra mile!
  2. Universal Beam.
    Universal Beam.
    Universal Beam otherwise known as I-beam, H-beam, W-beam, RSJ and TT beams come in "Standards" and is extensively used in Steel based Construction Projects. It has been around since its patent in 1849! - Is it time for a change? Speak to Barra Steel about the future of large span engineered beams.
  3. Monash University
    Monash University
    A picture can sometimes seem unimpressive until you know exactly what you're looking at. The Monash University Biological Science Teaching Facility shows just how accurate fabrication is required to be. Inside those large circular rolled RHS frames will be GLASS! And how large are they? As you can see by the insert picture, about the width of a 10 tonne truck bed!
  4. Leisure Centre - Altona
    Leisure Centre - Altona
    Becoming more common is cylinder type rolled trusses for their integrity principles and shaping abilities. The Aquatic and Leisure Centre at Altona is no exception; their large scale roofing required the strength only these type of trusses can provide.
  5. Sailing Club Sorrento
    Sailing Club Sorrento
    Barra Steel were given the opportunity to fabricate for the Sorrento Sailing Club and are delighted to say - Another job well done.